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When it comes to working out, men and women alike always have competition in the gym or fields to look their best against their competitors. Well, you can now put this to rest by ordering and claiming your own custom tank tops, and also enjoy the soft and supple fabric from our outfits. There is no minimum so you can create and order just one customised top or many!

We have vests that are unisex in design, as well as those suited for men and women, which can be worn for leisure or for work. Apart from that, we also offer personalised baby vests. You could make your own vest by selecting any one of the designs available on our website. Take for example the scooped-neck racerback top vest for women, this is the optimum design to choose if you are looking to design your own tank top and expose your shoulders, as the design of the neck provides ample view of it. It is made out of a mixture of polyester and cotton, and available the sizes of small, medium and large. The colours you could pick from are black and white.

When it comes to selecting a design to amplify your outfit, you could make your own vest with any one or more of our 8000 designs. Each design is impressive and unique, and categorised to make it easy for you to browse through. Our categories include Animals & Nature, Music, Religion & Philosophy and Geek. Each design can be printed on any part of the vest. You could also opt to centre the design horizontally, or place it smack in the middle of your vest.

When it comes to the topic of images, we are the only website online that gives our clients a file capacity of up to ten megabytes to upload and use an image. Picture resolutions can be as tiny as 50 by 50 pixels, or as extensive as 4000 by 4000 pixels. It is primarily important to us and you that you ensure that the images used in producing vests with us are yours, or that you have obtained the necessary approval for its owner for use.

We have four options of printing available for our clients. The first, which is digital printing, is the finest selection if you are looking to bring out the best in a high resolution picture or image, as it is able to capture the essence of the photo you give us and project it on your completed vest. Flock printing, on the other hand, provides a print that is velvety, whilst flex printing gives a smooth and slightly shiny surface to your print. A special flex print, however, gives a design a smooth and glistening exterior on the print. This particular print is highly durable, as is the rest, but it accepts a single colour for each design chosen. 

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